Our Products

new stuff and seasonal stuff.

Table mats, mugs, bottles

CHF 6.00

CHF 8.00

CHF 22.00

CHF 8.00

CHF 8.00

CHF 8.00

CHF 10.00

CHF 10.00

CHF 10.00

Towels, reusable cotton pads, soaps, safety kit, hydroalcolic lotion

Greeting cards, card game, gift wrapping papers, notebooks, sticky notes, children's book

Bags, pouches, scrunchies, silk scarf, fabric masks

Warm-up kit (tennis warm-up)

CHF 35.00

Candy skewers, candy cupcakes, lollipops

CHF 6.00

CHF 7.00

CHF 3.50

Magnets, lounge chair

Our Values


We design all our gifts in Switzerland, which other than being the home of cheese, chocolate, watches and banks, also happens to be the home of legendary RF (just saying...). This doesn’t mean RF endorses any of our stuff (as he probably doesn’t know – YET – this amazing brand exists), but it means that, as a swiss based company, we do our best to create, design and produce locally, with swiss quality standards. Some of our products are even hand made.

good mood.

HAPPY TENNIS is all about putting a smile on your face while making you think of one of the things you love in life, tennis.


That’s just who we are: creative dreamers and a bit romantic. You will certainly recognize that trait in some of our designs (watercolor tennis racket patterns) and products (who ever thought of tennis songs?!)

Our Mission

make you smile.

And make you and your tennis loving friends happy with our unique, qualitative products.


We want to make the following promise: If we can make you happy, we will try to make other people happy. This is why, once HAPPY TENNIS has reached a sufficiently large size, we promise to donate a percentage of our income to finance hours of tennis (lessons or subscriptions) to children whose parents may not be able to afford.

Our Vision

have a stand at the Basel Indoors, someday.

Imagine a HAPPY TENNIS stand at one of the major ATP tournaments and people finding it cool? We know that’s not an actual vision, but it’s nice to think about that as an ambition.

become tennis lovers’ favorite shop of stuff.

Who knows, one day, you tennis lovers are going to like our stuff so much that we’ll be able to expand into more tennis related stuff, such as awesome outfits that you and the top ranked ATP and WTA tennis players will wear.

About Us

we love tennis.

And as tennis lovers, it is simply just awesome to receive funky tennis related cool gifts.
Side note: a gift is something you give or something you receive, meaning it’s totally okay to give your own self a gift 🙂

We select new cool stuff every month, so our assortment keeps moving. Therefore make sure you visit us as frequently as possible – not to miss out on the newest cool stuff. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and on Facebook!

we is actually just me.

For now, at least. I am a 38 year old Marketing & Sales Director. I love my family. I love tennis and I’ve always loved marketing and to create stuff. Take all the mentioned ingredients, shake well, and that’s HAPPY TENNIS!


+41 78 228 31 21